The Start

In FEB 2015 I will be traveling to Vietnam to explore my Hoa Chinese (ethnic Chinese in/from Vietnam) culture. Accompanied by my bicycle and camera I will document the month-long journey. When I return I will display the images I capture at my first ever photo show TBA later in 2015 in Portland, ORE. Through social media & this blog I invite everyone to take an intimate look into my family and culture. Please join me on my bike as I discover customs and cuisine, meet local cyclists and ride their routes, welcome the Lunar New Year, and discover the beauty that makes this culture so invaluable.

Talking about about the sensitive subject of feeling lost culturally on film was pretty difficult for me. I already have a hard time speaking do to speech impediments, but the anxiety of knowing the public would see this video and the emotions about the matter were definitely present in that moment. I hope this video reaches many, as I know for a fact that I am not the only person who has felt lost when it comes to cultural/ethnic identity.

I have set up a GOFUNDME to help with the costs of travel expenses and taking care of my pets and home while I am away: